2 wide leg pantalons

It’s sort of from the pattern V9361 from the Very Easy Vogue collection. I say it’s sort of the Vogue pattern because I made many alterations to the original pattern so it doesn’t really look how it’s supposed to, I drafted the waistband pattern myself and didn’t use the one from the pattern company because it didn’t match the new pants pattern I created with all the alterations. There are 32 steps to assemble this garment.

The zip made me struggle a bit, it took me a while to understand the very unclear instructions and pictures. I used the help of a youtube tutorial to get it in the end. It was my first time performing a zip placket on trousers. I also went and grabbed a pair of pants of my own to look closely how the zipper is installed.

At first, a cotton corduroy was predicted for this garment but I bought cheap fabric by the weight at my local fabric shop to create the mock up. I ended up liking it so much that I used it for a real trouser too! We will call them lounge pants because they are really soft and comfortable, only to wear at home. Another version of the same pants is made with the corduroy, those are more 70’s style.

Sewing with corduroy can be a bit tricky because it is quite a bulky and particular fabric. First thing to do is to prewash the fabric as it is made with non stretch cotton (well mine was, but there are blends with elastane and/or polyester, still, just wash it). It would be preferable to use a Jeans needle on the machine, it is pointier than the universal needle (Jeans needles are good for any projects made with bulky/thick fabrics). Gotta be careful when ironing, it is better to iron the fabric face down and keep the temperature on the lower side to avoid crushing the ribbed piles. It’s very important to cut your pattern pieces on the grain when working with corduroy, the grainline is VERY important.
Which version is your favourite?

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