Learning tools

Aside from some classes I took this year (4x3h classes), I have been learning a lot from this great ressource that is Internet. Here is a list of the websites, blogs, youtube channels, books I have been using to learn about sewing, new techniques etc.

For garment construction and sewing techniques

No.1 Sewing Times
This is youtube channel by a lady named Nancy Kweon, she is from South Korea. All of her tutos are about creating accessories, bags, pouches, purses, etc. Her videos are detailed and simple to understand. She writes all of the measurements required to cut all the pieces. I used one of her videos to make the brown duffle bag you could have seen in a previous article.

No.2 Couture Enfant et Tricot Débutant
Another youtube channel by a french dad who started sewing for his kids. This channel is in french, my apologies if you don’t speak it, it is my first language and I learned greatly from him. What I liked about his channel is that he explains many techniques and also how to use different pressing foots. I used one of his tutorials to learn how to stitch my very first invisible zipper. Every months he reviews a lot of sewing and diy magazines.

No.3 Evelyn Wood
And yes, another youtube channel, by a lovely australian lady named Evelyn Wood. She is literally a sewing teacher and has been for many years. She explains a lot of techniques and terms that are essential to know to be able to successfully sew stuff. Very good channel for beginners.

No.4 Atelier Saison
Last but not least from the youtube channels, Atelier Saison. It’s quite a particular one because the videos are extremely long (some around 2 hours). They go into each and every step of assembling garments. They do not talk or explain anything really but by observation you can learn a lot from this channel, you are watching professionals at work.. They have shorter videos that explain how to create a sleeve placket or sew a zipper on trousers, for example. It’s one of my favourite channels.

No.5 Mood Fabrics blog
Mood fabrics is a website selling fabrics and accessories. They also have a blog (that helps selling the fabrics obviously) and it’s very well done. They have article about a bit everything, from tips and tricks on how to work with particular fabrics to history of sewing machines, there are also a lot of free pdf sewing patterns (Like this one I’m going to use very shortly). Great learning ressource in my opinion.

No.6 ABC Seams
ABC Seams is a website dedicated to all possible seams and what they are used for. As simple as that.

Patternmaking and fashion design

No1. Zoe Hong
Zoe Hong is from California, Her entire channel is dedicated to fashion design. She also talks a lot about fabrics, woven and knits, etc. fashion illustrations and more. Great ressource overall.

No.2 Patternmaking for fashion design by Helen Joseph Armstrong
I have been recommended this book by a lot of people. Zoe Hong talks about it on her channel, my sewing teacher also recommended it. Other videos I have been watching all over internet talked about it. It’s extensive and pretty complete. It all starts by drafting a basic dress foundation, it consists of a front bodice, back bodice, sleeve, front skirt and back skirt. Once that is done you can use it to create patterns of your liking. It takes you through all the measurements needed to draft your pattern pieces, it has 919 pages in total.

The next book I am looking to purchase is a Swatch book, full of fabric samples.
These are my picks, Internet is an infinite learning tool and there are tons of website and channels dedicated to sewing. If you have recommendations, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section.

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