Half circle skirt for my mom

My mom has helped me a lot lately and I wanted to thank her by making her a skirt on her measurements. We picked the fabric at Club Tissus on the south shore of Montréal. It’s simply 100% cotton.

I used this wonderful tool to find out the radius needed to trace the 1/4 circle on the fabric folded in 2. Once that was done, I staystitched the waist as some parts are cut on the bias, to prevent the fabric from stretching while working on it. The next step is to stitch the invisible zipper in place and stitch the center back bellow the zip. I also created 2 folds at the waist because it was a little too big, it also created more flare to the skirt.

Then came the waistband. I used fusible fleece to reinforce the band. I stitched the right sides together (of the skirt and the waistband) then folded the waistband and topstitched to finish it. I hand stitched the skirt clip. To finish the hem, I hung the skirt for at least 24 hours for the weight of the skirt to pull down, it’s an important step because some parts are cut on the bias. Then I trimmed the bottom from the floor up. I wanted to lose minimal length so I used bias tape and folded it inside to finish the hem. I find it’s a nice and subtle finishing touch. It’s a very versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. Thanks mom for everything!

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