Sewing Projects of Summer 2020

First post yay!

I’ve been sewing quite a bit this summer, I was extatic to bring projects to life and use them for my travels or my everyday life. Here are some of them.

First of them is this duffel bag or weekend bag. I’ve decided to sew it for a vacation at les Iles-de-la-Madeleine my father invited me to. It’s made with cotton canvas found at this wonderful store called Club Tissus on the south shore of Montréal. I was attracted to the color right away and wanted to make a bag out of it. I got help from this tutorial from a youtube channel called Sewing Times. My version of it is slightly larger than hers because the zip I had at disposition was 6cm longer, I also made the handles from the fabric, it took a while longer to do it this way. It’s not exactly like Nancy’s but the base of it is from her video.

I worked on this half circle skirt for quite some time even if it’s supposed to be an easy project. At Fabricville, I found this english embroidery cotton fabric and wanted to use it for a light summery skirt. Of course I added a lining otherwise it would be very transparent. It was my first time stitching an invisible zipper, I was quite successful at it after some attempts. Some parts of it were handstiched around the waistband. I also made a matching scrunchie with the leftover fabric. I’m quite happy with the result, I think it’s super cute!

I found this cute blouse pattern from Burda Style. It was quite easy to make. I decided to do french seams for a nice clean finish. I found this fabric on a website called Swatchon. This is a light blue lightweight cotton. I have a thing for light blue, I don’t know why, I’m fond of them!

Finally this satin top. I bought the fabric last winter, thinking it was pretty but I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I found a video from this youtube channel called tintofmint. The girl sells the pattern for quite an expensive price in my opinion so I thought I would give it a shot and try to do it myself. Here is the result. I’m quite happy with it though I wouldn’t wear it as it is, some improvements are required but for a first attempt at draping, I must say I’m quite happy!

Those are my 4 projects of summer 2020 (without the countless masks I’ve made for friends and family). A lot of change is coming my way, I’m moving to a new place so I didn’t have much time to sew in the past few weeks, I will get back to it very soon! Thanks for following along 🙂 More content is planned for the future of this blog,

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