A (more) casual dress

I purchased the pattern of this dress from McCall’s, it’s the pattern M8083. I liked the raglan puffy sleeves of it. All in all, it was easy to assemble. The raglan sleeves are even easier to stitch than regular type of sleeves. I did do a mock-up to see how the bodice fitted on me, I did a slight adjustment on the front. Instead of being lined, this dress has a facing that is also understitched to make a clean finish, no topstitch is required except for the hem. Important notice, this dress has side pockets!

The cuffs were created not with a cuff piece but with a double elastic casing to create these gathers, ingenious!

I quite like the result, but not that much. If I had to do it again, I would use a different skirt, maybe a half circle. It’s less girly and more feminine, in my humble opinion. There is something odd about the fit, I’m not able to pin point exactly what it is. The result is ok, but not exactly what I expected.

The fabric is from a store called KangaDzungel. It’s a blend of wool and cotton if I recall properly. It’s quite lightweight and flowy. It was very discounted, the price went from 34 euros/meter to 6 euros/meter. (I did enjoy the january sales at my local fabric stores). I needed 2 meters to make this dress.

Even though I sew a lot for myself, I kind of always wear the same clothes, which consists of pants and t-shirts. I wanted to make a feminine dress that I could wear for my everyday life as an attempt to dress more creatively. My next step is to avoid purchasing navy blue fabric (if only you knew how many different dark blue fabrics I have awaiting to be sewn) and integrate more colors to my handmade wardrobe.

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