A backpack made from leftovers

I have wanted to make a backpack for a while now. I finally did it recently. I used only leftover fabrics from my stash. The brown cotton canvas is leftover from my duffel bag made last summer. The jeans fabric is left from a skirt I made last fall (that ended up being too small so I donated it). The lining is from a thrift store. The back pocket lining is a leftover from a fabric I used to sew boxers for the boyfriend and also pillowcases for our bed. Every piece is interfaced (I already had that too). The things I purchased specifically for this project are the black and light beige webbing straps, the metal and plastic snaps as well as the 2 zips. Needless to say this is a cheap costing project.

I made this backpack following this tutorial from a youtube channel called sewingtimes. It was easy and easy to follow. A quick and rewarding project, exactly what I needed.
My version is slightly different than the video. I did not do the side opening, I thought it was unnecessary. I prefered to do a hidden backpocket instead (to put stuff you don’t want to get stolen into). It was my first time doing a welt pocket, it’s a bit crooked and funny looking, I will do better next time!

Something else worth noting is the fabric used for the lining was extremely slippery and difficult to work with. To make it easier I used a fabric stiffener and I must admit it’s a total game changer. I will no longer be afraid of working with silk and viscose (or any lightweight slippery fabric really). Mine is from the brand Odif, I heard from other people some brands can be a bit toxic to inhale. The Odif one wasn’t at all. I researched for a long time for such product and I’m really happy with this one. (The commercial minute is over now)

I might change the black straps in the future as the onces in place are a bit fragile. I’m going to position them slightly in diagonal to follow the direction they are taking when I’m wearing the backpack. Other than that, I’m super happy with this bag, I think it’s pretty and cute and perfect for summer (beacause yeah, backpacks = summer, I don’t like wearing a backpack over a big coat).

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